Wood drying workshop & Conference COST Action E53

The future of quality control for wood & wood products

Topic:      Wood Drying workshop & Conference COST Action E53 "The future of quality control for wood & wood products" in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Location: Our Dynamic Earth, Holyrood Rd, Edinburgh EH8 8AS, UK
Date:       04th - 07thApril 2010

Important deadlines

  • 06th January 2010: Deadline for abstracts
  • 18th January 2010: Acceptance of abstracts
  • 01th February 2010: Final programme
  • 01th March 2010: Final registration
  • 15th March 2010: Submission of full papers


    Wood drying seminar

    Improvement of Wood Drying Quality by Conventional and Advanced Drying Techniques

    Topic:      Wood Drying Seminar "Improvement of Wood Drying Quality by                Conventional and Advanced Drying Techniques" in Bled, Slovenia
    Location: Best Western Kompas Hotel, Cankarjeva 2m, Bled, Slovenia
    Date:       23th April 2009

    Important deadlines

  • 15th December 2008: Pre-registration, Submission of title and authors (s) – informational
  • 16th January 2009: Deadline for Abstract Submission (max. 1/2 page)
  • 23th January 2009: Notification of Abstract Acceptance
  • 10th March 2009: Deadline for Full Paper Submission (max. 10 pages)
  • 20th March 2009: Return of reviewed papers to corresponding authors
  • 20th March 2009: Deadline for registration and hotel booking
  • 06th April 2009: Deadline for acceptation of final papers


    Seminar and workshop

    Quality control on wood drying

    Topic:     Seminar & Workshop “Quality control on wood drying – first step for               optimizing exploitation of wood resources“ -
    Location: Department of Wood Science and Technology, Rožna dolina, Cesta VIII/34,                1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Date:       25th September 2008

    09:00 – 09:15
    Welcome speech
    09:15– 09:55
    Methods of quality control and standardization on wood drying
    Dr. Željko Gorišek, Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty
    09:55 – 10:20
    Quality control and assessment of drying process
    Mag. Aleš Straže, Department of Wood Science and Technology, Biotechnical Faculty
    10:20 – 11:15
    Positive and negative practical experience on maintenance of kiln dryers
    Dr. Stjepan Pervan, Wood Technology Department, Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb

    Workshop: Laboratory for wood drying
    11:15 – 11:35
    Demonstration on new experimental kiln dryer – possibilities for new research work
    11:55– 12:50
    Importance of accurate determination of wood moisture content
    12:50 – 13:15
    Determination of drying stresses before, during and after drying process
    13:15 – 13:45
    Assessment of drying equipment, drying process and wood quality during drying
    13:45 – 14:00
    Results and discussion

    Programm; Presentation (slovenian)


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